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Jeru Kabbal is een meester in het geven van lezingen. Door de eenvoud van de visie kan iedereen zichzelf begrijpen en bevrijden van belemmerende overtuigingen. 

These original recordings from Clarity Workshops with Jeru Kabbal cover most aspects of the Clarity Process. Listening to Jeru’s soft voice and his unique ability to transmit complex content with strikingly clear and understandable words will support you in your own process of waking up. You will feel a bit like actually sitting in a seminar with Jeru personally. These recordings are suitable to be listened to again and again. You will be surprised to discover always new aspects, as you move forward in your own development. Moreover, the messages will be received deeper in your subconcious by multiple listenings. Using these recordings will help you to maintain the gentle discipline of your Clarity Work, which Jeru found so important and hence recommended it to all participants of his workshops.

The Nature of the Subconscious

Our Powerful Ally Within

One of the major differences between humans and other living beings is the subconscious, the mind below the level of consciousness. We must become acquainted with this part in working with ourselves, or we will remain its victim. The subconscious is like a computer whose program never wears out – but can be changed. We see how the subconscious is like a powerful friend who has the wrong ideas about how to protect us.

The Green Dragon and the 4-Year Old

Releasing the Fears of the Inner Child

Most of us are still projecting the same wants and needs we had as children; only we dress them up in adult clothing. We also tend to fear the same ‘dragons’ we experienced as children (helplessness, dependency, etc.). When we learn to be in the NOW we can see how little we really need to fear, and how most of our ‘problems’ are memories of the Inner Child who still believes in the green dragon under the bed.

The Clarity Process: A New Perspective

Freeing Ourselves of the Hynosis of the Inner Movie

The vast computer in our mind (the subconscious) is still running the same programs we put in it as infants. This is what we call the ‘movie’. By separating the movie from reality we eliminate most of our problems instantly. Jeru shares valuable insights for seeing the difference and tells how to eliminate irrelevant programs.

Manifesting versus Dropping Desire

Why Aren't You Getting What You Want?

We are already excellent manifestors. The reason we don’t get what we want is that subconsciously we are afraid to get it. We actually prevent ourselves from getting it. We only need to stop ‘anti-manifesting’. The expertise we already have and are already using can be applied to all aspects of our lives.

Projecting Your Past onto the Present

How to Stop Repeating the Same Mistakes

It is discouraging to see how much of our lives consists of projections from the past. But by bringing repressed memories to the conscious level we can retrain our computer/mind. This can bring us out of the dream of the past into the reality of the moment. Understand who you are today by remembering who you were as a child. Everything is different today but your mind probably doesn’t know it.

There is No Past

Demystifying a Widespread Myth

None of us have ever seen a past. And that is very simple because there is no such thing. We can look at our memories, but a memory is not the past. If it becomes real for you that there is only now, the fears that all come from your sol-called past will dissolve. Separating the reality of the present and the memories we are carrying will help you to open up to the fulfilment and the love that this moment is providing abundantly.

The Clarity Process and the Body

Changing the Body's Image of Itself

The body and the mind reinforce each other. As children we were influenced by the bodies around us and imitated them. ‘Family illness’ is a strong hypnosis. Working with the body becomes more effective by working with the attitudes that shaped the body. Visualization is a powerful tool for speaking to the subconscious.

Why Limit Your Potential?

How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

As children we learn to hold ourselves back in order to conform to the desires and conditioning of the family and of society. Often, experiencing happiness becomes linked with expectations of punishment. We may wonder why happiness is so fleeting and often actually scary. Learning to work with the subconscious we can reverse those early decisions to hold ourselves back. It’s not too late to blossom.

Staying in Balance

How to Enjoy What You Already Have

Everything the mind worries and thinks about is related to survival. It is surprising to the mind to discover that we are actually meeting our survival needs very easily. Once the mind sees this, fear and tension melt away and what once was an effort becomes a celebration of aliveness.

The Body as a Strategy

Change Your Mind, Change Your Shape

Our bodies are shaped by our minds, based on the raw material given to us at birth. The body becomes an expression of our personality and strategies. Much of the tension from birth is still in the body and influences it in major ways. It’s almost impossible for our bodies to change if the subconscious is still holding on to an idea of how we should look of feel.

Relationship: Tool for Clarity

Towards More Love and Openness

Our major patterns and deepest programs are rooted in relationship. Generally our relating patterns were formed in our immediate family. We tend to attract lovers that fit into the family roles and often repeat those patterns no matter how painful and destructive they might be. Honest relationships van give us the opportunity to change patterns and allow true love.

Deciding to Wake Up

Are You Ready for Life's Ultimate Challenge?

Waking up or realizing one’s true nature means responding to the moment rather than acting automatically. If we are not truly aware then we are on ‘automatic pilot’. Becoming Self Realized is a full time job and the most difficult journey a human being can undertake. Being aware of what’s needed helps to keep priorities straight. Commitment works.



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The Nature of the Subconscious


Originele opnames van Jeru Kabbal in MP3
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